St. Boni/Watertown gearing up fields for Region 7C Tournament

Grounds crews have been busy in St. Boni and Watertown as the Region 7C Tournament approaches. St. Boni and Watertown are co-hosts of the tournament this year. Watertown will serve as the host for all the night games since the field at St. Boni doesn’t have lights.

On Tuesday afternoon, Phil Kranz, Randy Ebert and Dennis Zabel were busy getting the area around home plate ready. In Watertown, a crew worked on adding green screening for the fence along the outfield.

The Region 7C Tournament kicks off Thursday, August 4 as No.1 Plato takes on No. 8 Brownton in Watertown at 7:30 p.m.

(Photos by Bruce Johnson)
St. Boni field work Watertown field work