July 11 CRVL Special Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the July 11 special meeting about the recruiting practices of Green Isle.

Meeting was called to order by President Dave Sell at 7:08 pm.

All members of the Crow River Valley Leagues were present, save for inactive member

Norwood Indians.

President Sell briefly outlined the intended procedure for the meeting. The three teams that

called the meeting would have the floor first to state their case and any other clubs that wished

to speak up during this time would be allowed. Then Green Isle would be given their

opportunity to rebut and present their information.

Stephen Wiblemo (Glencoe) began the discussion pointing to the written hand out given to all

teams via email and also provided at the meeting. Specifically, talking about the recruiting of

players. Doug Schuette (Brownton) asked for clarification on the Chanhassen issue, it was

explained that Chanhassen added 5 players to their roster from the Victoria Vics (a B Team)

and the best Pitcher from Belle Plaine.

Stephen Wiblemo pointed out that Green Isle has not broken any rules as they are written in

the MBA rule book, but raised the question is what Green Isle doing to acquire players in the

spirit of Class C or town team baseball? Stephen referenced the pattern of rostered players

coming from outside of 20 miles from Green Isle and specifically Minnetonka/Excelsior.

Josh Monahan (Watertown) spoke regarding the reaching out to get players “Is it good for

town team baseball?”

Stephen referenced that the state board is looking for the leagues to make the first move and

bring those concerns to the state board for them to then act upon.

After further discussion came to a conclusion, Green Isle was afforded the opportunity to


Zach Herd began by asking the entire group, “What is your 5 year plan for your teams?”

Then, “What is your definition of recruiting?” He continued to speak about the great tradition

and history that Green Isle has with its amateur baseball team. He stated that Green Isle is

focused on continuing in that tradition. He then spoke to the scope of the roster, and stated

that kids want to come and play for us. He also commented about what is the long term goal

for amateur baseball. Further discussion ensued between the members, and Stephen Wiblemo

spoke again to the point of the essence of Class C. He posed the question back to Green Isle

and the group, “Why isn’t what you do considered class “B”?”

Zach Herd then spoke to the effect that all the clubs in the league have access to the players

that Green Isle is signing. There was mention of other rosters, Plato specifically and Stephen

responded that Plato’s roster is very different from Green Isle’s. Plato has 3 or 4 players that

did not attend the GSL School District, the rest are all home town players.

Brian Hartmann then spoke regarding the Green Isle roster pointing out how long a player had

been with them and where they came from. The group asked Green Isle if the new state board

roster point system would require them to go “B”? The response was that the parameters are

not set yet, but they may have to cut players next year to stay “C”. Brian Hartmann stated that

he did not believe their roster was a “B” roster. “Can we compete with Mac (Zachow) or

Alex (Twenge) on the mound maybe, but over the long haul it would be very difficult.”

As the discussion subsided at this point President Sell spoke of the three scenarios that would

need to be decided at this time. These items were discussed by the officer prior to the meeting

commencing. 1) Do nothing at this time and then everything stays as is, 2) a motion would

need to be brought forward that the league write a letter to the State Board with the league’s

recommendation to move Green Isle to Class “B”, 3) vote to remove Green Isle from the


Stephen Wiblemo (Glencoe) moved to have a vote for the league to request the state board

move Green Isle up to Class “B”, seconded by Josh Monahan (Watertown). In the discussion

Rich Schug (Hamburg) requested that the vote be a roll call vote, and Stephen Wiblemo

requested to have a closed ballot vote. There was much discussion regarding these two

options. President Sell informed the group that we would be putting the current motion on the

side, and entertain a motion on how to vote on the existing motion.

Rich Schug (Hamburg) moved to have a roll call vote by the secretary for the purpose of

voting on the previous motion, Scott Kohls (New Germany) seconded. There was no

additional discussion, by voice, motion carried.

At this time the meeting returned its focus to the first motion and prepared to vote. The group

asked for a 5 minute recess to allow the members to think about how they would vote, or call

their individual clubs for clarification. The recess was granted.

The meeting was resumed at 8:22pm, there was some additional discussion prior to the vote.

President Sell called for the roll call vote and Secretary Kuerschner randomly read off each

team’s name and recorded their vote:

Mayer – Yes Carver – No Brownton – Yes New Germany – No

Cologne – No Glencoe – Yes St Boni – No Green Isle – No

Watertown – Yes Waconia – No Hamburg – No Winsted – No

Young America – No Plato – No

Motion failed by a tally of 10-4

There was one other item of business that Secretary Kuerschner brought to the group. The

Hutchinson/D-C State Tourney Hosts contacted the league this past Friday regarding

advertising in the game program for this year’s state tourney. Options were $125 for a

business card size ad, $145 for a 1/6 th page ad and $165 for a ¼ page ad. Jeff Monahan

(Watertown) moved to provide an ad in the 2016 State Tourney program for the ¼ page price

of $165, Adam Dammann (Plato) seconded, motion carried.

There being no further business President Sell called for a motion to adjourn, so moved by

Rich Schug (Hamburg), seconded by Stephen Wiblemo (Glencoe), motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32pm

It was noted that the playoff meeting will be held in Young America following the games on

July 24 th .