(All CRVL games have currently been postponed due to the Minnesota Stay At Home Order by Gov. Walz.

Sunday, May 3 

Carver at Mayer

Young America at St Boni

Green Isle at Watertown

Waconia at Plato

Winsted at Brownton

Hamburg at New Germany

Sunday, May 10

St Boni at Carver

Green Isle at Glencoe

Watertown at Hamburg

Cologne at Winsted

Plato at New Germany

Waconia at Mayer

Saturday, May 16

Cologne at Carver

Young America at New Germany

Plato at Mayer

Sunday, May 17

Glencoe at Winsted

Hamburg at Young America

Carver at Brownton

Watertown at Plato

Mayer at Green Isle

Waconia at St Boni

New Germany at Cologne

Tuesday, May 19

St Boni at Hamburg

Wednesday, May 20

Cologne at Watertown

Thursday, May 21

New Germany at Glencoe

Winsted at Green Isle

Saturday, May 23

Carver at Plato

Monday, May 25

Plato at Hamburg

Green Isle at Young America

Carver at Winsted

Brownton at Waconia

Mayer at St. Boni

Glencoe at Watertown

Thursday, May 28

Winsted at Waconia

Friday, May 29

Hamburg at Brownton

Saturday, May 30

CRVL vs. RVL All-Star Game (at Cologne)

Sunday, May 31

Brownton at Plato

Young America at Mayer

Winsted at St Boni

Waconia at Watertown

Glencoe at Carver

New Germany at Green Isle

Hamburg at Cologne

Tuesday, June 2nd

Watertown at Winsted

Wednesday, June 3

Cologne at Brownton

Thursday, June 4

Young America at Winsted

Friday, June 5

St Boni at Green Isle

Watertown vs. New Germany (at Watertown)

Saturday, June 6

Waconia at Carver

Brownton at Mayer

Sunday, June 7

Green Isle at Hamburg

Winsted at New Germany

Watertown at Mayer

St Boni at Waconia

Carver at Young America

Tuesday, June 9

Hamburg at Glencoe

Cologne at Waconia

Wednesday, June 10

Plato at Cologne

Watertown at Young America

Brownton at Green Isle

Saturday, June 13

Green Isle at Carver

Sunday, June 14

Plato at Green Isle

Young America at Brownton

Mayer at Glencoe

New Germany at Carver

Tuesday, June 16

Hamburg at Winsted

Brownton at Watertown

Thursday, June 18

Waconia at Glencoe

Friday, June 19

Young America at Cologne

Saturday, June 20

Plato vs Young America (at Plato)

St Boni at Mayer

Sunday, June 21

Brownton at Carver

Mayer at New Germany

Plato at St Boni

Glencoe at Cologne

Wednesday, June 24

Glencoe at Young America

Thursday, June 25

Carver at Watertown

Friday, June 26

Mayer at Waconia

Plato at Glencoe

Green Isle at Cologne

Brownton at Hamburg

Saturday, June 27

Watertown at St Boni

New Germany at Winsted

Sunday, June 28

Green Isle at Brownton

Hamburg at Carver

Cologne at Plato

Waconia at New Germany

Mayer at Winsted

Glencoe at St Boni

Monday, June 29

Playoff Roster Meeting (at King Pin, Plato, 7 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 30

Mayer at Cologne

St Boni at Winsted

New Germany at Watertown

Wednesday, July 1st

Brownton at Young America

Thursday, July 2

Watertown at Waconia

Sunday, July 5

Carver at Cologne

Winsted at Plato

Glencoe at Mayer

New Germany at St Boni

Green Isle at Waconia

Tuesday, July 7

Hamburg at Waconia

Young America at Green Isle

Wednesday, July 8

New Germany at Brownton

St Boni at Cologne

Thursday, July 9

Waconia at Young America

Winsted at Glencoe

Friday, July 10

Carver at Hamburg

Saturday, July 11

Plato at Carver

Mayer at Watertown

Glencoe at New Germany

Cologne at Young America

Sunday, July 12

Plato at Brownton

Hamburg at Green Isle

St Boni at Glencoe

New Germany at Mayer

Winsted at Watertown

Tuesday, July 14

Young America at Hamburg

Wednesday, July 15

Cologne at Green Isle

Friday, July 17

St Boni at Watertown

Glencoe at Brownton

Saturday, July 18

Hamburg at Plato

Sunday, July 19

Young America at Plato

Carver at Green Isle

Cologne at Hamburg

Glencoe at Waconia

Winsted at Mayer

Brownton at St Boni

Friday, July 24

New Germany at Waconia

Sunday, July 26

Watertown at Glencoe

Waconia at Winsted

St Boni at New Germany

Young America at Carver

Brownton at Cologne

Green Isle at Plato

Mayer at Hamburg