2019 Region 7C Draftees

Below is a look of the players who were drafted in the Region 7C Draft.


Young America Cardinals (No. 1 Seed)

1. Pat Tschida (Watertown)

2. Tony Wischnack (New Germany)

3. Jake Prehn (Winsted)

Carver Black Sox (No. 2 Seed)

1. Ryan Grams (Brownton)

2. Shane Khan (Winsted)

3. Jonah Lewis (Watertown)

Cologne Hollanders (No. 3 Seed)

1. Zach Iten (Watertown)

2. Spencer Nelson (Hamburg)

3. Jacob Volness (Winsted)

Green Isle Irish (No. 4 Seed)

1. Cole Petersen (Glencoe)

2. Seth Schuette (Brownton)

3. Jay Bresnahan (Hamburg)